# Optimizing the game

There are lots of ways to optimize your Java Edition experience if it's being slow for you; or your device is just bad in general. From mods like OptiFine and Sodium to more complex stuff like JVM arguments, we'll cover all of them here.

# OptiFine

OptiFine, previously known as Optimine and OptiFog; is a Minecraft modification created by sp614x, Insecs, Payton147 and lacuravivid in which the development began on December 22, 2010; was a modification originally created about pushing the fog away but also other features; like FPS Boost, Occlussion Culling, Hidden Geometry removal, Texture Mipmaping and Chunk Loading optimizations in the first development/beta versions of Minecraft

# Getting (and installing) OptiFine

  • Go to the official OptiFine website; optifine.net (opens new window). websiteIMG

  • Depending on what Minecraft version you mainly use, get the specific OptiFine for it. Let's say; I play 1.12.2, so I'll get the latest 1.12.2 OptiFine available. 1.12.2OFSc

# Sodium

# "Optimizing" ModPacks

# JVM Arguments