# Contributing to this website

We're always happy to accept help from our beloved community, and this website is no different. However, we want to cover some ground rules before you get started.

# What is Vuepress?

Vuepress is a static website generator, although it looks really good. It takes three things: a config file, markdown (.md) documents, and resources for images and such, and then compiles them into HTML for browser-friendly access.

# How do I contribute?


  • Fork this repository (opens new window).

  • Click on "Edit this page" on any page, then edit the markdown file with your properly tuned syntax (using Discord? You already know Markdown), then save and commit. It's that easy.

  • If you want to see your changes on your fork, you'll have to either

1- Rename the repo to <yourusername>.github.io

  • Set the Pages settings to build from the root of gh-pages

2- (if you have node installed), run npm install && npm run build && npm run start.

# What to do and what not to do?

You're allowed to pretty much change anything, as long as it follows all of these rules:

  • Do not make any promises unless you were given permission from the developers.
  • Do not spread misinformation and inaccurate content.
  • Although you can change everything else, do not touch .vuepress/config.js. If you need to change something in it, let Crystall1nedev or CriticalRange know.
  • Never, never ever ever merge gh-pages and main into each other. gh-pages is the result, main is the rough draft.
  • Do not delete any dot files (.nvmrc, .gitattributes, etc)

With all of these in mind, you're free to help us out with our website!